Energy Healing, Tarot & Intuitive Coaching

Wellness Through Wisdom provides Energy Healing, Tarot and Intuitive Coaching sessions to allow clients to let go of fears, traumas, negative core beliefs and limiting emotional patterns.

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Energy Healing

Clairvoyant Energy Healing combines holistic counseling and intuitive channeling, addressing issues or areas in life you want to improve. Clearing stuck energy and blockages from your field, I also work with angels and spirit guides relaying messages to help you heal and gain clarity.

Channeling & Tarot

Channeling and tarot readings are an excellent way to gain clarity about your path and what to focus on. In conjunction with the tarot cards, I channel messages that deepen self-awareness and reveal underlying themes to help guide you in making choices for your future.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a means of moving out stuck or negative energies, entities, or energy trapped from past traumas from a physical location, such as your home or office. Once the space is cleared we surround it with protective energy and positively charge the space.

Teen Mentoring

Teen Mentoring is an opportunity for teens to learn important energetic tools, positive thinking and make healthy choices. In a safe and gentle way, I help teens identify and address issues they're facing. Common issues include anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, relationship and family issues.

"Jessica has a very special, rare gift. Just being in her presence makes you feel instantly relaxed and comforted. I have been suffering from severe anxiety for over 30 years. After my first session with her, my irrational thoughts have subsided immensely! I am so grateful, that I can not even put it into words." ~ Hillary L.