Hypnosis & Past Life Regression

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that allows us to bypass the conscious mind and affect change in the unconscious mind that rules over 90% of our behaviors. We focus on relaxing the body and the mind to allow hypnotic suggestions to be received into the unconscious mind (also called the subconscious). Past Life Regression (PLR) is a form of hypnosis that allows us to access past life information in order to clear phobias and other unexplainable reactions or limitations.

Hypnosis will help you overcome:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression and mood imbalances
  • unhealthy habits (smoking, poor food choices, lack of exercise)
  • panic attacks
  • emotional pain
  • traumas
  • phobias
  • body image issues
  • weight issues
  • health challenges
  • lack of confidence
  • test-taking anxiety
  • lack of focus and concentration

Hypnosis will allow you to:

  • get motivated
  • set and achieve goals
  • change your lifestyle and habits
  • get healthy
  • get in tune with your Higher Self
  • understand your Inner Child and other archetypes
  • gain confidence
  • become a positive person
  • be free of old beliefs and traumas
  • learn to relax and handle stress
  • find inner peace
  • understand past lives
  • create the life you want to live
  • manifest your heart’s desires

Hypnosis is a way to bypass the conscious mind and re-program the unconscious mind with positive suggestions to make changes in your behavior, thinking, and your life. If you have ever driven your car and arrived at your destination, but could not remember actually driving there, you have already been in a state of hypnosis!

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation that can allow you to access deeper parts of yourself and heal past traumas. You can re-wire your unconscious mind through hypnosis and reprogram to achieve your goals and succeed. Your mind is your greatest tool. Learning to utilize your unconscious mind will improve all areas of your life.

Hypnosis Pricing & Details: All sessions are an hour and a half and include a recording emailed to you post session. You will also receive 10 of my guided meditations to practice with at home. Sessions are $125 and they are an hour and a half. A package of 4 sessions is $450.

Jessica d’Arcy has a certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy from The School of Healing Arts and has completed more than 2000 hours of training. She is also certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis. She taught for many years at The Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy in San Diego, CA and was the Clinical Supervisor for their Internship Program.