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“Earth Angel!…when I think of Jessica, this is what I think of. For the last year Jessica has been helping me through some ‘stuck’ stuff and has now opened up a new me!  When you are in a session with Jessica, she is all heart and ears.  She stays focus and to the point and picks up on the smallest detail, sometimes things you weren’t even aware of was going on. I now have wings to soar high! Thank you Jessica! Blessings!” – Joan P


“Thank you for the meditation session, It’s was experience I have never had while meditating (I think I’ve been doing it wrong all this time) and something I really needed. I left feeling very calm and at peace after… You helped me more than you know.” ~ Trinity (after attending the Monday Morning Meditation, 2016)


Jessica has a very special, rare gift. Just being in her presence makes you feel instantly relaxed and comforted. I have been suffering from severe anxiety for over 30 years. After my first session with her, my irrational thoughts have subsided immensely! I am so grateful, that I can not even put it into words. She also gave me some great tools to use on my own to help keep the anxiety at bay.

Unfortunately my 11 year old daughter also suffers from anxiety. She has had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy w/ Jessica and has also benefited greatly. She was very concerned about being away from home for 1 week for her school camp. She was up all night thinking about it. After meeting w/ Jessica, she is now excited to go and looking very forward to it. I can’t thank Jessica enough for helping my daughter get over that “hump”!

We are both in a much better place because of this wonderful woman!!” ~ Hillary L.


Jessica has helped he through so many blocks in my life! I went to traditional “talk therapy” for awhile, and still felt like I was missing something. Jessica not only helped me to overcome certain fears and hindering beliefs, but assisted me in my spiritual journey that has now changed my life!

I recommend her to anyone! Regardless of your issues or your beliefs, she has innate intuition that can assist you in getting through it.” ~ Alexis P.

This was my first experience with a hypnotherapist, and I was really impressed! Jessica instantly puts you at ease and is able to quickly get to the root of the problem. She is very intuitive and caring, and her techniques are extremely effective. Jessica makes a great adjunct to traditional therapy because she gives you specific techniques to use right away to ease your symptoms. Another thing to note is that she also works with children- she treated my 11 year old son with an anxiety issue, and not only was she effective, but he really enjoyed the process. I highly recommend her- she is worth every penny!~Dione G.

If you would like to go through a positive transition and make some incredible life changes, I would wholeheartedly recommend you see Jessika.

Jessika has a very keen awareness as well as deep knowledge in many different areas that entails well-being and I completely trust her wisdom and integrity.

You are truly fortunate, if you allow yourself to receive from Jessika.” ~ Aysun T.

Jessica d’Arcy is a gifted healer, She is knowledgeable and friendly, I highly recommend her.” ~ Kurt Andrew W.

Jessica has been an incredible support system for me since I started seeing her a few months ago. I originally went in for anxiety and panicky feelings, mostly surrounding my work and public speaking. I have a huge trip coming up that I have been panicking about for almost a year. After meeting with Jessica, I feel as though I am significantly less worried about the trip. I feel more confidence in general. I enjoy going to jessica so much, that I continue to do so on a regular basis. She has helped me in other areas as well including quitting smoking, communication in my personal life, and a general feeling of more peace. She instantly calms you with her presence, knows just what to do for any situation, and is just such a pleasure to know. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a more natural way of coping with our world and it’s many stressors. She just has that special way and I have been fortunate to reap the benefits. Some of these results are tangible and measurable and others are just simply becoming a way of life for me naturally. Meeting with Jessica has been one of the best decisions I have made for my personal well-being.” ~ Kristen S.

Jessica is all about truth, balance and goodness. I have had Tarot card readings before, but nothing like Jessica’s. Her reading was right on and I could relate to everything she said. It helped me greatly in moving forward in my life and career. Jessica had an amazing way of explaining the whole story of my past, present, and future in an easy and useful way of understanding.
I was excited for weeks after the session with Jessica in what the future holds.” ~ Joan P.

I was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day when I went to meet with Jessica at 5pm, and this after having smoked all day long. I exited her office smoke free an hour or so later, and have been up to this moment without any wants of smoking; totally inexistent.

Great job Jessica! Thank you so very much for helping me be healthier so easily.” ~ Serge G.

I don’t quite know where to start with this review of such an amazing and life-changing practitioner. I have been doing hypnotherapy and energy work with Jessika for the last five months and after each session I leave feeling shifts that seem to have drilled down all the way to my core.

In specific, I was stuck in a job that I’d be in far too long, feeling weighed down and sad and generally bad about myself. I wasn’t sure how to get to that “next step” I so desperately wanted in my life. I also felt tied to relationships that were weighing me down and was packing my life full of things and activities to escape how I was feeling.

I have done a lot of talk therapy, and it certainly has its place. But the wonderful component about working with Jessika is that the “talking” we do translates into a plan that we address in the hypnotherapy and energy work we later do in the session. I’ve found myself moving past blocks, negative beliefs about myself and old patterns I wasn’t even aware of through her gentle and precise guiding. And it happens within an hour and fifteen minutes, and I often leave thinking to myself “okay, I FEEL different, I just can’t put my finger on why.” And the wonderful thing is that I don’t need to understand it; my body and subconscious do the work and as a result, it’s a shift that actually “sticks”

As a result, I quit my job and have started my own business – an enterprise I wouldn’t have had the confidence or courage to attempt before. The relationships that were weighing me down have either transformed or those people are interestingly no longer in my life. I believe it’s because I am now inherently different, and as a result everything else in my life is operating from a happier, healthier place in which I feel deep down to my core that I AM deserving.

In addition, Jessika has taught me techniques that I can do at home during the week. They solidify the work we do and have me starting each day from a confident, excited place.

I can’t recommend Jessika’s work enough. If you’re also on a path of searching, invest in yourself and give Jessika a call. I can honestly promise you won’t regret it.~ Sharna L.

Jessica d’Arcy is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who is not only a professional and knowledgable in this field but is also gentle and extremely caring in her approach with clients. Her strengths are that she listens not just with her ears but with her intuition, also. I am proud to say I am her client and would highly recommend her. Thank you, Jessica, for helping me to grow and become the person I am today. I look forward to continued growth due to Jessica’s wisdom and guidance.~ Melissa M.


“I see Jessica for massage and hypnotherapy. She is very well-trained and educated and always sends me home w/tips to try (stretches, herbs, vitamins etc) I always feel welcomed and comfortable when I go to see her. She helped me find my inner-sanctuary, which is somewhere I never thought it would be! I always feel relaxed and at peace after I leave her office.” ~ Christa C.

“I’ve seen Jessica for about 6 months now. She has exposed me and guided me through many forms of healing; helping me heal myself and establish a deeper connection with my authentic self. She is such a skilled and diverse healer. Truly gifted and special.

Recently, she has introduced me to her oils and essences. My body and being lights up when I interact with the essences and oils. She puts time, energy, love and intent into her craft. The results have both tangible and phenomenological manifestations. She has an uncanny ability to understand how to pair oils and essences with the person. A true healer. I think of her as an Urban Shaman.” ~ Simon B.

“Jessica is an amazing and honest women who helped me through the hardest time in my life. If it were not for Jessica’s help and advice through a tough teenage time i would still be there. Jessica also helped me get through physical harm that i was doing to myself.

Jessica is understanding and extremely easy to talk to. I personally find it hard opening up to people but Jessica makes it easy without pressure. I look forward to each of our sessions and highly recommend her to teens.  Thanks so much, Jess.” ~ Marley W.

“I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Jessica for the past 10 years. I’ve witnessed her gift in counseling as a collegue and also as a client. Over the years she has refined and also enhanced her special ability to get to the heart of the matter. As well, she has expanded upon her repertoire of therapeautic modalities.

My experience as a client, was that of genuine knowledge and heartfelt compassion in her work. She has a gift and freely exemplifies the meaning of healer and therapist, as she helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life with hypnosis. I also recently used her meditation CD with my husband. We both used it as a meditation prior to sleeping and awoke the next day completely refreshed with a clear mind.

I highly recommend Jessica’s services and products as they are given and made with integrity and joy.” ~ Rachel H.

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