5 Natural Remedies That Really Work

Here are 5 easy, inexpensive natural remedies for common health challenges:

1. COLD SORES: Apply Propolis 5 times per day. Propolis is a resin that bees collect from trees (sap), buds, barks, etc. and use it to line areas of the hive. It is an antiseptic and is used to create a sterilized environment for the Queen Bee to lay her eggs. I have suffered from cold sores and tried every product. Propolis is the best thing for this! My favorite product is called: Honey Gardens Apitherapy Propolis Spray with Purple Loosestrife & Usnea. I spray it in my palm and then dab it on a cold sore 5 x per day. You will be amazed.

2. HEARTBURN: Try drinking raw, organic apple cider vinegar (2 tbsps) in a glass of water after a meal. You may add raw honey or stevia to sweeten. This is a cure to heartburn because it contains ash and therefore creates an alkaline environment in your body and normalizes your PH balance. It also has many other benefits! Try it! And none of the side effects of heartburn medications.

3. SORE THROAT: The best thing for a sore throat is Osha Root (Ligusticum porterii) tincture. Yes, it smells herbal, yes it tastes a little strong if you are not used to taking herbs. However, it is antibacterial, antiviral, and decongestant, among other things and will take down inflammation of the throat and kill infections. Take one dropperful and squirt it directly down your throat – be sure to get it on the walls of your throat so it can work. Leave it on your throat for a bit before you take a drink of anything if you can. I do this three times a day beginning at the first sign of a sore throat and it goes away fast! My favorite product is: Herb Pharm Osha Root tincture.

4. BURNS: For first degree burns or sunburns, apply Lavender essential oil directly to the burn. It will take away sting and heal the skin tissues. You may mix it will Aloe Vera gel if you like or fresh aloe squeezed from a plant, which is best. If you burn yourself in the kitchen, immerse your burn in cold water with a Lavender essential oil added to it. Then apply more Lavender once you have dried the area.

5. YEAST INFECTION: An hour before breakfast and dinner, try taking 2 capsules of Acidophilus orally. I love Solaray non-dairy Acidophilus. Taking this daily is great for your health in many ways and will help regulate the balance of yeast or candida in the digestive and reproductive tracks. You can also get the effects by eating yogurt or drinking kefir daily. You can also insert a capsule vaginally (some people recommend using yogurt, but it is too messy in my opinion) once or twice a day. Usually this will clear up the problem, however if it does not, you should see a doctor because sometimes people think they have a yeast infection and it is a different type of infection that needs different treatment.