More Archangels ~ Class Notes


Thank you to all who attended the class! Here are some notes that will help you remember what you learned. Keep in mind that in order for the angels to help you in any way, you need to give them permission by asking for their help. I mentioned in class that I like to use affirmative prayer and here is an example of how to use this:

Dear Archangel Raguel,

Thank you for healing my relationship with ___________. Thank you for helping me to take responsibility for my part in our disagreement. I ask that this healing be done for the greatest good of all concerned, with harm to none, and no harm done.

And so it is.

I have had a few requests from people who would like to purchase a bottle of my Angel Oil aromatherapy that I used in class which is a mixture of rose absolute and lavender. If you are interested, please email me: I am going to make them in 10 ml bottles for $25 each.

The Archangels

HANIEL: “the grace of God”

  • halo color: blueish white like moonlight
  • crystal: moonstone
  • astrological: overseer of all signs
  • helps with women’s issues: pms, menopause, reproductive related issues
  • seen as the Angel of the Moon
  • call upon during the full moon to release and heal
  • connect with her in the moonlight, take a moon bath
  • heals heartbreak
  • pulls out lower energies (works with Raphael for healing)
  • helps you deal with feelings you’ve been avoiding
  • helps develop intuition and clairvoyance

RAZIEL: “the secrets of God”

  • halo color: rainbow
  • crystal: clear quartz
  • astrological: Leo
  • helps with spiritual understanding
  • opens us to the secrets of the universe
  • Sefer Raziel – the book of the angel Raziel, contains universal wisdom.
  • helps turn knowledge into wisdom
  • helps us learn to avoid distractions (get back to our spiritual practices)
  • a record keeper of soul contracts, past lives, akashic records
  • helps us deal with phobias and addictions and other issues that are rooted in a past life
  • can help dissolve vows we’ve made in past lives
  • dream interpretation

RAGUEL: “friend of God”

  • halo color: pale blue
  • crystal: aquamarine
  • astrological: Sagittarius
  • bring harmony back to relationships
  • helps bring fairness and justice
  • manages relationships between angels and humans
  • heals arguments
  • removes tension from marriages
  • forgiveness
  • attract new friends that are positive for you
  • heals business relationships
  • guidance can appear as repetitive gut feelings and signs
  • most of all improves/heals your relationship with your self (that all other relationships are a reflection of)
  • known as the angel of hope

JEREMIEL: “the mercy of God”

  • halo color: dark purple
  • crystal: amethyst
  • astrological: Scorpio
  • watches over departed souls and ministers to those who are about to cross over
  • helps newly crossed over souls conduct a life review
  • can help us review our current life and take inventory of personal history (and back through past lives)
  • can help you see why you decided to be born (and your purpose)
  • helps us see the big picture so that we can have patience and be calm
  • helps us see other through love

ZADKIEL: “the righteousness of God”

  • halo color: deep blue/indigo
  • crystal: lapis lazuli
  • astrological: Gemini
  • known for unconditional love and kindness
  • considered the angel of memory
  • helps student and those taking test and exams
  • helps us recall facts and data
  • you will notice a ringing in your ears sometimes with this angel
  • you will feel a burst of confidence when this angel is helping you
  • speeds up test-taking
  • helps you remember your mission
  • helps heal the Victim archetype, heals pain from the past
  • can remove the emotional charge from the painful memories while leaving behind the beautiful ones and helping you focus on those
  • works with you to take responsibility for your own happiness (also related to getting out of victim mode)

METATRON: name meaning has not been verified, many believe it to mean “one who occupies the throne next to the throne”

  • halo color: violet and green
  • crystal: watermelon tourmaline
  • astrological: Virgo
  • Metatron is believed to have been the prophet Enoch (ancestor of Noah) who then ascended to become and Archangel
  • considered the angel of life who writes the Book of Life: records our deeds in our akashic records
  • guardian of the Tree of Life
  • works with sacred geometry and is picture with geometric shapes, often a cube that he uses to clear energy
  • will help clear your energy when you don’t have time to do it yourself – will clear and balance chakras
  • assists with time management – can warp time, helping you get where you need to be without speeding
  • comforts and helps highly sensitive people and children (star beings: Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows) deal with the harsh energies of being on planet Earth
  • will help sensitive children if they are having bad dreams or have images stuck in their heads that are upsetting