Sinus Blend

Yesterday I made a batch of a therapeutic aromatherapy blend that I call Sinus Blend. After an exciting class last night, as well as handing some out as gifts, the batch is gone and I will be making more! I want to take a moment to explain this blend: what it is and how to use it.


ABOUT THE BLEND: This blend is great for clogged or runny sinuses, but more accurately it is a blend that assists the whole respiratory system. This is different than my Dream Drops formula because it is made in a base of what Aromatherapists call ‘carrier oils’ while the Dream Drops is “neat” – which means just straight essential oils (no carrier). The reason I make the Dream Drops without a carrier is that people like to use it on pillows and linens and this way it will not stain or leave an oil splotch. The Sinus Blend uses some more intense oils that work well with the carrier oil to make it non-irritating to use on skin and kids. This is why it is in a dropper bottle – so it can easily come out! Do not take internally.

ABOUT THE OILS: The carrier oil I use is a blend of grapeseed and sweet almond oil. The essential oils in this blend are: certified organic Niaouli (also known as MQV), wild crafted (this is even better than organic!) Rosemary, and certified organic Eucalyptus radiata. The quality of the oils is key. What you can buy in the health food store is a very different grade of essential oils than what I use in all my formulas. The oils I use I order from the shop connected to the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and come direct from the distillers all over the world. If you get into aromatherapy, you will start hearing a lot of companies claim that their oils are “therapeutic grade”. A lot of times that is nonsense. The oils I use are beyond therapeutic grade, they are in fact medicinal grade – the same that are used in the hospitals in France and other countries where aromatherapy is highly respected and researched (and even used internally – do not try this on your own).

HOW TO USE: Sinus blend can be used on adults, kids, and even babies (just one drop – and if your baby is super sensitive I can make a more diluted version or you can drop it into unscented lotion to dilute). It is wonderful to massage into your chest and back. It can even be used on your face – massaged over your sinus area (do not get near eyes – it is strong!). You can also put a few drops into a bath (or more if you like). Add it to unscented lotions or massage oils for a lighter scent. If you are sick, it is nice to massage this onto your chest then close yourself in the bathroom and run hot water to steam up the room. Sit in the steam for 10-15 minutes.

WHY I DISSED VICKS VAPORUB: So at the class last night, I mentioned that this is kind of used like Vicks because that is something everyone knows. But then I said Vicks is a horrible product because that is my opinion. The oils are not pure, not organic, and it is in a base of petrolatum (that is the sludge that is left over in the pipes when oil is refined into gasoline). I do not use any petrolatum products on my body – that means no Baby Oil and no Vaseline or anything related. Simply said they are toxic and carcinogenic. There are plenty of studies to read on that if you want to find out more, just do some research and you will see.

Thank you and I hope you can breathe more easily with the Sinus Blend on hand. To order, call me at (619) 405 – 4226 or email me at

With love,

Jessica d’Arcy

PS – The photo above is of Niaouli (MQV) Melaleuca quinquenervia.