The Unconscious Mind & Core Beliefs

We know that 95% of our behavior is ruled by the unconscious mind. Are you ready to learn how to master this part of your brain?

Your unconscious mind (also called the subconscious mind) is like a recording device. All the images, words, stories, voices, and music you expose your senses to each day are going in, without a filter, to your unconscious mind. It does not have the ability to say “oh I don’t want THAT stored in here”. It takes in everything. When we are in a different brain wave state, such as hypnosis, we are able to bypass the conscious/thinking part of the brain, and we are more susceptible to suggestions.

Children are in a different brain wave state during their first 5 years of life that is, basically, hypnosis. That is a time when core beliefs are being formed. During these formative years, we are taking in all the data that we see, hear, sense, and feel. The messages that come in become the programs that run – just like the programs on your computer. If you are running an old program that says, for example, ‘I am not good enough’, then when things happen, the mind will use it to prove this theory.

Now let’s take a closer look at how a core belief operates by using this very common example of a negative core belief: ‘I am not good enough’. Let’s say you are a person that was yelled at for making mistakes as a child, or told you were “bad”, or compared to siblings in a negative way. From these experiences, you formed the belief that you were not good enough and, perhaps, the belief that you couldn’t do anything right. You continue to live your life and one day you apply for a job and don’t get it. Logically you may know that: it is commonplace to not get every job you apply for and it is nothing personal towards you and that there was probably just someone better qualified for that job. Spiritually you may even know that it probably happened for a reason and there is a different job out there that is better suited for you. But somehow you start feeling bad about yourself. You find yourself depressed and hopeless. The unconscious mind is running it’s old program, saying. “You can’t do anything right. This happened because you are not good enough.” It will use new experiences and twist them to fulfill this prophecy (ie make the core belief true). It will even cause you to do things that help this core belief of “not good enough” be proven. For example, if things are going great for you, you might find yourself suddenly sabotaging some of your own successes in order to match this unconscious core belief.

So, what old programs are you running? If you are ready to upgrade the programs in your unconscious mind, good news! It is as easy as relaxing deeply and letting hypnosis put in positive new programs that will create different thinking and different behavior. Hypnosis can change core beliefs, traumatic patterns, emotional patterns, and so much more. Energy Psychology is also another exciting field that pairs nicely with Hypnotherapy to clear beliefs and traumas that are stored in our energetic bodies. Anything can be healed and when we make changes in the unconscious mind, it is easy to have all the joy that is your birthright. Because you are good enough and truly deserve to have all of your heart’s desires.

Blessings, Jessica